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In today society, companies and projects are more and more subject to strict environmental regulations. The environmental compliancy is vital either for small-scale projects and large-scale developments.


The use of consultants and technicians with a sound expertise either in the technical and the normative aspect of the environmental subject has become essential. The environmental services we offer are a valuable help for any environmental audits, contaminated land assessments and environmental liability assessments, on behalf of sellers, buyers and lending institutions.

For the contaminated site management, we offer phase 1 & phase 2 environmental site investigations.


The phase 1 assessment provides essential information required for informed property transactions, based on site visits and review of historical site information using aerial photographs, business directories, interviews. We provide reliable and simple reports that are easy to understand and that can make your decision on the transaction as simple as practically possible.

Phase 2 is the investigation program that we use to obtain a detailed evaluation of the specific environmental issues of the site, if any. We design and implement an investigation and sampling plan with the aim to confirm the presence or absence of the environmental contamination.

The environmental monitoring, as a part of the project construction or site decommissioning, is a fundamental part of most agencies’ approvals. This process can include monitoring during or after construction and decommissioning phases, compliance with permits and approvals and short-term to long-term monitoring after operations.
We provide our clients with experienced technicians that will fulfil any requirements and needs for the environmental site monitoring.

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