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NDT and Geophysics

We focus our non-destructive testing services and consultancy on NDT applied to civil engineering, providing specialised field services for the quality assessment of concrete structures and foundations.
Non-destructive testing of concrete structures is used as part of the acceptance criteria for a new structure or as preventive maintenance to quantify the status and maintenance condition of aged structures. The periodical inspection and testing of the concrete structures is particularly important in bridges, industrial structures, public and large buildings, sensitive structures utilised by a high number of people (e.g. sport arenas, hospitals, concert halls).
The main non-destructive testing services offered by Schinelli Consulting are the following:

  • Echometric tests on piles for the verification of the integrity of the shaft and the determination of pile length

  • Ultrasonic tests for the assessment of the quality of foundations and structures

  • Static and dynamic tests for the assessment of the condition of concrete slabs and beams

  • Plate load tests for the assessment of the elastic properties of foundation soil, embankments and road bases

  • Axial and lateral pile load tests

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) investigation for the assessment of the quality of concrete and the assessment of the condition of the lining and the quality of the rock in road and railway tunnels

  • Monitoring of the vibrations induced by rotating machines, traffic, and piles installation

  • Video inspections in ducts, boreholes, pipes and wells

  • Electromagnetic surveys for the individuation of the reinforcement and steel elements in concrete structures

  • Monitoring of joints in structures and rock masses

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