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Schinelli Consulting operates in a wide range of sectors, from geotechnics to geology, to hydrogeology.
We offer top level technical consultancy services either for large-scale international projects and for medium-scale and small-scale local projects.
Our clients, throughout the world, rely on us for the execution of specialised geotechnical design and study of the soil/structure interactions, for retaining structures, for geotechnical site characterisation, geotechnical studies for soil improvement, for in situ and laboratory consultancy and testing.

We have a sound experience in several contexts, virtually with any soils types and foundations, either for shallow foundations, deep foundations and special foundations.

We provide both in-office design services and field supervision and consultancy.

Our technicians are always ready to serve our clients for short-term and long-term assignments in any area of the world, even in the most remote and demanding locations.

Our goal is to transform our client's geotechnical challenges into their most rewarding technical and business success. For this purpose, we focus all our technical skill and our experience in delivering the best possible solutions, either with conventional and new engineering techniques.

We will be glad assisting you on any geotechnical aspects of your projects, including:


  • Shallow foundations

  • Deep foundations

  • Soil improvement by stone columns, vibroflotation, vibroreplacement, tamping, dynamic compaction, pre-loading

  • Retaining walls with anchors, tendons and soil nailing

  • Secant and contiguous piles walls, diaphragm walls

  • Reinforced earth and gabions

  • Storage tanks foundations

  • Sheet piles and excavation support

  • Slope stability analysis

  • Settlements calculations for complex soil-structures interactions

  • Geotechnical site characterization

  • Field services during earthworks, excavations, and construction phases

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