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NDT and Geophysics

Geophysics is getting more and more important for the site investigation and the evaluation of the engineering properties of soils and rocks. Geophysics is also a very valuable tool for the hydrogeological site investigation and the environmental site assessment. One of the main benefits of using geophysics for the site investigation is the dramatic cut of the costs, if compared to the traditional direct investigation techniques, and also the possibility of acquiring a high quantity of data, over vast areas, in a relatively short time.
We provide our clients a series high quality services including refraction seismic, reflection seismic, electric and electromagnetic methods, gravimetry, micro-gravimetry, ground penetrating radar.
Among the main geophysical services offered by Schinelli Consulting the following can be summarised.

  • Execution and interpretation of seismic refraction and reflection investigations, for the characterisation of rocks and soil, for the construction of civil, industrial and public facilities

  • Evaluation of the elastic properties of natural soil, embankments and rock masses, by seismic methods

  • Magnetic surveys for the environmental and mineral site assessment

  • Execution of gravimetry and microgravimetry investigations, with particular regard to the detection of voids in rocks and lenses of loose soil

  • Electrical and electromagnetic surveys either for environmental and hydrogeological site characterisation

  • Thermal resistivity tests in soil, concrete and rocks, for high-voltage cables burial

  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveys in soil and structures

  • Geophysical techniques applied to the archaeology

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