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Schinelli Consulting offers several services for topography, high precision structural monitoring and positioning. Starting from traditional topography and land surveying, our technicians, who can rely on the precision of the most accurate positioning instruments available on the market, are able to provide high accuracy measuring and monitoring services as well as 3D laser scanning services, along with any drone (UAV) survey.


We perform a wide range of engineering surveys, building monitoring during construction and decommissioning, high precision levelling, setting out of machinery and virtually any job where very precise geo-spatial measurements and positioning are required.

Precision is our job, so if your company is looking for accuracy and repeatability on any kind of measurements, we can provide the most suitable and sustainable solutions for your particular needs.

Particularly important for Oil & Gas and industrial installations are the as-built surveys, which may be conducted at several stages during the construction. The frequency and the number of surveys depend on the scope; in general the as-built verifications are essential before the installation of any important and sensitive parts of the structures that have to be installed. Any deviations of the as-built, compared to the design requirements, lead to corrective actions to satisfy the required design criteria.

The as-built surveys are also done at the end of most civil and mechanical projects, to show the client, or any relevant inspection authorities, that the project conforms to the design requirements, to the specifications and to any applicable regulations.

As-built surveys may be requested for almost any type of projects, from industrial plants to roads, to utilities, to general buildings and infrastructures.

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